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New Online Booking Features

At we've been working hard to bring you the latest features and enhancements for your online booking and reservation management system. Here's a few things we've added to your account:

A Smarter Calendar

We've improved the Calendar so that it automatically displays major holidays for each year. Now you no longer have to remember that Easter Day falls on the first Sunday after the full moon following the northern hemisphere's vernal equinox--as if any of us did!

You can also quickly add notes to individual days on your calendar. Getting new carpeting put in the first Thursday after Labor day? No problem, just add a note so you won't forget.

Quantitative Order Options

Thanks to popular demand, now you can sell "extras" to guests during the online booking process. Services that require quantities, such as the rental of 2 jet skis, or the purchase of 3 spa passes, can be configured in the Service Fee area under the Settings tab.

YouTube and Google Maps

All websites now support custom HTML so you can add things like videos, Google Maps (so your guests can easily locate your property). We highly recommend that you add your rental(s) to Google Places if you haven't done so already. Google Places allows you to advertise the location of your rental(s) and is an effective way to get more exposure, which means more bookings.

Lots More

There's too much to mention here, but you'll probably notice additional enhancements, such as and improved look and feel. As always, we try to keep font sizes nice and large so everything is easy to read!

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